Barbershop Deluxe
Est: 1997

“To provide a comfortable, affordable, classic-style barbershop to our neighbors and visitors.”

That was the vision for Barbershop Deluxe when it opened its doors in 1997, and that vision still holds true today. For us, it remains a place to practice our trade and keep the spirit of simpler days alive.

Christina started working at Barbershop Deluxe in 1998, when the barber pole was planted at 55 Dartmouth Street. On her first day at Barbershop Deluxe, she felt like she had taken a step back in time. The barbershop had a feel that indeed embraced simpler days. The fixtures were original and purposeful. The folks who stopped in were so delighted to get a haircut at a barbershop, rather than at a pricey, modern salon. They came from all walks of life, cities and towns large and small, and brought their stories and backgrounds with them. For all the variety they brought with them through our door, they all shared a common need for a good old-fashioned, tried and true haircut.

In 2000, the barbershop relocated to 670 Tremont Street and our clients followed. We hadn’t explored that corner of the South End until the move, but soon enough we found new favorite spots for coffee and lunch. We met our new neighbors and chatted about life.

Jon started working at Barbershop Deluxe in 2001, and in 2004 he and Christina took over the business. To our surprise, new clients would always ask, “Has this place been here long?” We’d been on Tremont Street for 10 years and that question never ceased to get old. For us, it usually meant that this new client was also new to “town” and we were happy to be a part of their first experiences in Boston and the South End, whether they were referred by one of our regulars or they walked by and stopped in.

In 2009, once again, the barbershop relocated. This time, to Columbus Avenue, and that old familiar question is being heard again as people walking to and from Back Bay and into the South End discover something new on their daily commute to work, the gym, or just out walking their dogs.

We tell them that we have a long history here in the South End and love that we can provide the simple pleasures of a barber-style haircut in chairs that have been around much longer than most of us.

Our clients give us our sense of community, and in turn, we do the same for them. Through community, we’ve been introduced to – and support – a variety of non-profit health, legal, arts, sports, and education organizations. We have a sense of pride in being a part of the South End. It has been a privilege to build a business in a “town” full of people who are so neighborly.

We truly enjoy our business and hope you do too!

Christina Morelli, owner
Jon Haskell, owner